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Third Party Freight Management
Third Party Freight Management

Third Party Logistics (3PL) in Michigan

With freight management from Sharco Express you’ll have more time and more resources to focus on your business.

How Can Sharco's Services Benefit Your Business?

If you are finding yourself spending too much of your precious time on logistics problems, Sharco’s 3PL services can help get you back to focusing on what matters most to you – your business. Our team of logistics experts can help solve all of the challenges you are facing – network design, carrier selection, compliance monitoring, packaging, warehousing, reverse logistics, and so much more. You can trust in us to act as an extension of your internal logistics department. Our goal is always to understand your operation and maximize your efficiency at the most optimal cost, while simultaneously allowing you to concentrate your energy where it is needed.

5,000+ partner carriers to ensure your delivery arrives on time

With our network of 5000+ partner carriers, we can source capacity for any shipment you have across the USA or Canada, even when a Sharco truck might not be available. We always vet partner carriers prior to approving them to ensure your timeliness and communication standards are met. Our brokerage network includes the entire lower 48 states and Canada and our dedicated tracking team is in contact with our carriers 24/7/365. Our carriers all have the capability to provide GPS tracking info to keep you in the loop and give you peace of mind. 

How can Sharco's 3PL services add value for your business?

  • Logistics experts with over 50 combined years of experience can focus on your challenges and allow you to get back to your core business.
  • Our pre-vetting process helps ensure your carriers are always compliant and communicative. 
  • With 5000 carriers always in our network, we can source capacity anywhere in the USA or Canada, no matter where you ship to.
  • With warehousing capabilities, we can build an integrated solution that includes both transportation and storage and provide seamless logistics service.

To learn more about Sharco Express’ third party freight management in Michigan:

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