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Drop Trailer Management
Drop Trailer Programs in Michigan by Sharco Express

Keep your dock schedules flexible and efficient with our Drop Trailer Programs in Michigan

Why Utilize a Drop Trailer Program?

For shippers that have space to store trailers and have a switcher to move trailers around the lot, a drop trailer program is an excellent way to add flexibility to your dock schedule and increase your warehouse space at little additional cost. We have the ability to drop trailers all over the USA, all tracked with GPS.

Increase your warehouse footprint

Every 53-foot van trailer has capacity of 3,489 cubic feet, which is enough room to store 52 standard sized stackable pallets. If your warehouse is tight on space, drop trailers are an excellent way to add capacity when you need it, without the high capital cost of adding warehouse space. Tell us about your operational bottlenecks and we’ll recommend a program for you.

A few ways drop trailer shipping helps reduce shipping costs:

  • Reduce congestion during busy dock times, increasing labor productivity and reducing labor cost
  • Reduce detention charges associated with congestion during peak dock periods
  • Increase physical storage capabilities without high capital cost of purchasing warehouse space
  • Increased flexibility for both unloading / preloading shipments 

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