Full-Service Warehousing in Michigan

Warehousing Solutions in Michigan - Sharco Express - warehousing

If you’re looking for dependable and flexible warehousing solutions in Michigan, you’ve come to the right place! Our warehousing capabilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Temperature-controlled units 
  • 3PL storage & distribution  
  • Food-grade certified facilities
  • Container unloading 
  • Cross-docking
  • Hands-free freight solutions
  • Single & non-standard pallets 

Whatever your needs are, the team at Sharco can help. We’ll gladly assist with any unloading, boxing, re-boxing or re-palletizing your load. Looking for disposal services? We have those too. Our fleet is available for daily, weekly and monthly dock sweeps. 

Price and Reliability Focused 

Our main focus is getting your freight wherever it needs to be – safe and on time. With fuel-efficiency being a strategy we focus on, we’re able to keep customer rates down and employ the best in the industry to keep you satisfied. 

Our cost benefits add up:

  • Our fuel costs are lower than industry average because:
    1. Our scale allows us to negotiate wholesale fuel discounts that small fleets and owner-operators cannot qualify for.
    2. Our investment in fuel-saving technology has increased our fleet MPG significantly over less sophisticated competitors.
  • Drivers are true 1099 contractors, resulting in driver wage costs 15% lower than W2 equivalents.
  • An extremely lean office staff of 6 people manages the entire operation from a single office, resulting in overhead costs around half of similarly-sized companies.
  • New equipment almost eliminates on-road maintenance costs and results in lowest TCO.

These factors add up to a cost structure that is as competitive as any similarly-sized company. Guaranteed.

We offer other services beyond the traditional scope:

  • HazMat transportation
  • Expedited service
  • Short/Long term customized warehousing systems
  • Cross-dock services at terminal in Burton, MI
  • ELD consulting

Looking to work for a thriving trucking and warehousing company or wanting to hire a one? Contact Sharco Express today at (248) 941-0400.
Really Happy Here!
"I started at Sharco 2 years ago and never looked back. They really mean what they say. The trucks are clean and maintained, I have good runs and get to spend more time at home than I ever did at other companies. I believe they really want me to be happy here. And I am!" -Joe B.